• Pedigree Management System

    Pedigree Management System

    Handling over 15,000+ animals (capable of 150,000+), JRFComputing's System provides a complete service which is managed by the societies members. Website developed maintained and hosted by JRFComputing. The site is Joomla based but includes addition developed by JRFC for member interrogation of the Animal database by herd, number name etc. Detailed historic animal information available to subscribing members, Pedigree charts, detailed showing history. Information entered to database via specially written application in order to simplfy operation. All membership information is entered via the application to preserve data security.
  • eCommerce System

    eCommerce System

    Based around the OpenCart Opensource eCommerce package, additions to the software have made easier for the operators to obtain the statistical information required for an eCommerce business. JRFComputing have developed a number eCommerce application and have been adapted for users individual requirements. Applications have been used to sell Butterflies, Logs, Car Park tickets, Wild Flowers, Pool Chemicals, Tractors.......
  • Membership System

    Membership System

    JRFComputing has had a long history of developing Membership Systems for a wide variety of clients ranging from the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons to small local Golf Clubs.
  • Pet Crematorium Software

    Pet Crematorium Software

    JRFComputing was asked to develop a system to help run David Funnel's Pet Crematorium business as no software was able to provide what was required. The software was a originally written to provide an alternative to Sage but has become an integral part of the operation, providing invoiceing, stock control, google inteface for animal pick up, Multiple invoice integration for veterinary surgery's, financial analysis, Animal analysis, Bad debt management, Indivdiual invoiceing.
  • Accountancy System

    Accountancy System

    Small Business Accountancy Software, Developed by JRFC for the business this software has the ability to be run as a local application or via the web for multi-locational use. Features automatic invoice and payments, automatic expense generation, reports downloadable to Word/Excel.
  • Static Websites

    Static Websites

    JRFComputing Develops, Hosts and Maintains a wide variety of Websites that do what the clients demand. One site has appeared on TV USA Cop Cars while others such as American Action Vehicles promote the use of american cars for the TV.
    Most sites developed are for local Kent based companies but with the use of Skype sites have been developed all over Europe from our office in Shadoxhurst.
    A few of currently active sites. Bond and Wilkes, Window World of Kent, ARProducts, Uplands Riding School
  • Money Laundering System

    Money Laundering System

    JRFComputing was commisioned by Regent Cofid Ltd to provide a system to provide detailed questionnaire analysis about Italian companies based in the UK that might be involved with money Laundering. The software produces the questionnaire and the results are entered and kept on file for future analysis.
  • Horse Show Management

    Horse Show Management

    JRFComputing's horse show management package provides users with the ability to manage a day horse event with up to 6 separate rings with as many events classes per ring as can be managed. The largest event it has managed had five rings on the go simultaneously with 25 classes in the main ring.

    • Horse and Rider Details only need be entered once
    • Single Rider muliple animals
    • Entries can be chopped and Change on the fly
    • In hand and jumping can be mixed
    • Muliple Championship facilitiesavailable
    • First aid additions can be made
    • Full finacial analysis
    • Entries for all classes can be printed at any point
    • Show/class analysis at any time
    • Web options available
  • CRM


    JRFComputing was orignally a member of Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and supplied requesting members a CRM package with all Invicta members details. They could be selected, analysised and marketed too via integration with Outlook or any other selected email package. Several years ago KCC changed their policy and disallowed direct marketing via this method.
    There are still a number of companies using the KCC version of the software. (approx 60)
    There are many different versions of the CRM package which have been tailored to the individual company's needs.



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